15 clubs have already signed for the 2022-2023 edition

The biggest clubs are busy setting up the European Super League. The purpose, unsurprisingly, is to raise as much money as possible.

Football is at a crossroads. The major European football powers have signed their agreement to participate in the Super League as early as next year.

It was to be expected, but among these future participants we find 15 behemoths of Europe, both historically and financially. Pierre Rondeau, sports economics specialist, predicts the worst on Twitter.

In one communicated, FIFA has already notified its disagreement on the establishment of this competition. With the six other bodies which govern world football, FIFA will not hesitate to sanction the players who will participate in this Super League, and thus suspend them from all official competitions.

However, it is not likely to be so simple for FIFA and UEFA. As Pierre Rondeau specifies in his thread, the European Union provides in its jurisdiction for the respect of free competition. A battle will then arise between the football authorities and the courts.

As is often the case now in football, money is the sinews of war. In a health context which hits the clubs hard economically, the arrival of the Super League would be a breath of fresh air.

According to Pierre Rondeau, the first six of this competition could touch 350 million euros, while the last would take 100 million €. That is five times more than the winner of the Champions League, which touches “only” twenty million euros.

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