a heart problem detected on Davies


Now negative for Covid-19 after missing the resumption with Bayern Munich last Friday, Alphonso Davies will not find the lawns of the Bundesliga this weekend. The Bavarian club indeed confirmed this Friday that a heart problem had been detected on the Canadian international.

Present this Friday in front of the media on the eve of his team’s trip to Cologne as part of the 19th day of the Bundesliga, Julian Nagelsmann echoed this news concerning the Bavarian left side. ” At Phonzy yesterday, during the follow-up exam we did with every player infected with the Coronavirus, we found signs of mild myocarditis. He is deprived of training until further notice. It will not be available, not in the next few weeks. This myocarditis is not so dramatic on ultrasound, but there are signs of myocarditis. Nonetheless, she must heal and it will certainly take some time ”, confided the coach of the German champions. Viral infections like Covid-19 are a common cause of myocarditis, which results in inflammation of muscle tissue in the heart.

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