a judicial investigation opened for influence peddling


The Paris prosecutor’s office announced that a judicial investigation had been opened concerning possible influence peddling that benefited PSG. Three men, including two former police officers, were reportedly brought before a judge. The case is related to disclosures of Release.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, PSG Paris Saint-Germain

According to information obtained by RMC Sportsa judicial inquiry has been opened for “aid to illegal entry or stay, forgery and use of forgery, corruption, influence peddling, misappropriation of the purpose of processing personal data, complicity and concealment, breach of professional secrecy, fraudulent access to data processing, theft, compromise of national defense secrets”. It would be linked to the case revealed by Releasethis Thursday.

Compromising information about Al-Khelaïfi

The radio site indicates that three men, two policemen and an Algerian lobbyist, were presented to a judge. They are suspected of having transmitted information “sensitive and confidential” to institutions, including PSG. The trio were reportedly taken into custody on Monday. One of them would be Tayeb B., the lobbyist whose Release speaks in its columns, this Thursday. He would have been in possession of sensitive information on Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and detained in Qatar for several months “in inhumane conditions”, in 2020. He would have finally accepted a transaction involving his silence, to obtain his release. Tayeb B. has also filed two complaints and his lawyer has so far refused to speak.

The other two suspects are therefore police officers who are members of the intelligence services. They would have in common to have worked at the DCRI (which became DGSI). PSG have made it known that they are not implicated and that they are making themselves available to justice. This is indeed a leading case and it should cause a lot of ink to flow in the coming days. It falls very badly for Qatar, whose World Cup is supposed to start in two months.

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