“a mop club, without cojones” … Rothen reacts to the Idrissa Gueye affair


Asked about the Idrissa Gueye affair, Jérôme Rothen was not kind to the player and the Parisian club.

As a reminder, the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder is accused of having refused to participate in the match in Montpellier (4-0) on Saturday evening because of the rainbow colored flocking on the Parisian club’s shirt (symbol of the fight against homophobia). “There is no weight of the management team, nor of the club, nor of the jersey, as very often at PSG (…) Do you realize this communication? Not even for a second do they speak of Gueye’s scandalous attitude. Because it is outrageous! There have always been campaigns against discrimination. At UEFA, they often highlight the fight against racism. Imagine players who would say ‘no, I don’t feel concerned by that’, and who wouldn’t play a Champions League match! Do you realize the message sent? I’m not saying he (Gueye) is homophobic, I’m just saying he does what he wants. And in this club everyone does what they want. […] If one day a teammate of Gueye comes out, will he refuse to give him a pass? He’s going to refuse to take a shower with him? But where are we going? This club is a mop. There’s no one wearing their cojones and telling us it’s not normal. You have to force him to play. Period”dropped the RMC consultant.

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