A night in hell for Qatar?


While this evening should be the crowning moment for many of the nominees during this great mass of French football, it is PSG striker Kylian Mbappé who crystallizes all the attention. Author of 41 goals and 23 assists, the number 7 of PSG is ultra favorite to obtain the award for the best player of the year in Ligue 1.

A shock announcement coming soon?

Each winner is called on stage to receive their reward. Mbappé could therefore take the opportunity to announce his intentions for next season, or even outright announce his departure from PSG and a signing for Real Madrid.

This is the theory defended by Grégory Schneider on L’Equipe du Soir:

I’m going to start from a hypothesis, it’s: if he leaves, then he talks to his peers, he talks to the world of football, and it would allow him somewhere to say goodbye to French football, to French club football, since that is what the League represents. So if he leaves it seems like a good place to me, especially since there will be this last match at the Parc des Princes behind where he could say goodbye in conscience, it could be on everyone’s mind. world and he could script his farewell. I think it’s a good space because he simply speaks to people who do the same job as him.

Remember that there is only one month of contract left for Mbappé at PSG and that he has been free since January to discuss with all the clubs interested in signing him.

Already in 2019 during the UNFP evening, the top scorer in the championship had shocked by claiming “more responsibilities, at PSG or elsewhere“. It would therefore not be the first time that Mbappé has used this award ceremony as a personal platform.

If this theory is confirmed, it would be a direct humiliation for the Qatari owners of PSG, who have been pushing for months to renew the contract of the French prodigy, in vain so far. A humiliation from which the whole club would have a hard time recovering, from the locker room, which pushes to convince him to stay, to the owners, who make him the heart of the club’s project.

Answer tonight, from 9 p.m.

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