Adil Rami settles his accounts with the “morons”


Adil Rami does not have his tongue in his pocket, but on the other hand, he still has his last stint in Ligue 1 through his throat.

The “4 * 4” Adil Rami is ready to roll in Ligue 1, windows down and invective distributed to other road users. More than two years after his last match with Olympique de Marseille, in May 2019, the 2018 world champion pushed back the hexagonal lawns, it was during the victory of his Troys team against Nice, 1-0. And when we analyze the post-match comments of the former OM player, we discover that he is still bitter following his dismissal from the Marseille club, under the impetus of the much maligned former president, Jacques -Henri Eyraud.

“They tried to drown me”

“It was complicated. I came from a long journey over 2 years where it was complicated for me in all countries of the world. My biggest injury was in the head, to resume football, to regain feelings and confidence, thus slipped Rami at the microphone of Prime Video. I had a certain pressure, because I know that I am expected, I know that I am not given a gift. (…) As I said, he looked like a 20 year old kid. Me, I love football more than everyone else. They tried to drown me, but, for morons, it’s very complicated to drown a fish. So I’m happy to be here today and to be part of this victory, I’m happy, ”said Rami, always so frank and vengeful.

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