An OM legend prepares for his comeback

Jules Kutos-Bertin


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Even if he only spent a short year at OM, Marcelo Bielsa remained in everyone’s mind in Marseille. The Argentinian technician continued his career in England where he made Leeds shine. 19th in the Premier League and threatened with a descent, Everton would think of bringing him in to launch their maintenance operation.

His passage toOM was quick since he only stayed one season. However, Marcelo Bielsa marked the Marseille supporters with his attitude, his madness but above all his ultra offensive game. Under his command, OM were sparkling for half the season before gradually getting tired and finishing just off the podium. Marcelo Bielsa will leave theOM after a day of championship following several disputes with Vincent Labrunpresident at the time.

Bielsa did well with Leeds

A few years later, after a catastrophic transition to LOSC, Marcelo Bielsa will bounce to Leeds. The Argentinian technician brought the club back up and kept it in the Premier League by achieving a magnificent first season. Sacked last year Marcelo Bielsa has not yet taken over a club.

Everton are thinking of him

Everton could therefore jump at the chance! According to information from Daily Emailthem Toffeeswho have just separated from Frank Lampardwould think of Marcelo Bielsa. 19th in the Premier League, Everton must absolutely raise the bar as soon as possible, otherwise they will go for a ride at the lower level.

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