And now Mediapro takes on La Liga

If the Mediapro soap opera is finished in France, it is only just beginning in Spain, where the Sino-Spanish group is currently making its own.

The Mediapro saga is over in France, but continues on the other side of the Pyrenees has asked the Spanish League to renegotiate its broadcast rights for La Liga. The Sino-Spanish group had spent 460 million euros to broadcast the matches of the Spanish league in bars across the country for the period 2019-2022, but would have made known its desire to renegotiate the rights, in the purest tradition what happened in France in recent months.

Mediapro suffers from piracy

The Iberian clubs are now afraid of not receiving money from the Sino-Spanish group in the near future, whose finances are no longer in very good condition following the coronavirus pandemic. Mediapro has also suffered greatly from piracy. If the group planned to broadcast La Liga matches every weekend in more than 85,000 bars, 28,000 establishments would have opted for piracy instead of paying the 250 euros subscription required.

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