Arteta validates a return from Wenger


Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta has spoken out on the possible return of former Gunners technician Arsène Wenger.

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal

Asked this Thursday by the media, the Spanish coach said yes to the possibility of a return of the Alsatian in a role to be determined. “I saw him and spoke with him when we went to see his movie. It was very nice to see him, to chat with him, and I hope he can get closer to the club. He can bring a different atmosphere to and around the club, with all the respect and admiration everyone has for what he has accomplished and for what he represents as a person for this club. I can’t tell you what role he can play, but what I would like is for him to be much closer to the club and to me personally. He would be of great help to the club and to me. But sometimes things take a long time to fall into place, it’s up to him to say what suits him best. What I can say, on behalf of everyone, is that we would love to see him come closer to the club. “

As a reminder, the 72-year-old currently holds a post of FIFA’s chief development officer for world football.

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