“At ASSE, they have clogs”, Larqué takes out the Kalach


Jean-Michel Larqué, former legend of AS Saint-Etienne, atomized the players of the Greens, destitute since the start of the season.

The most inflamed is still Larqué. Passing through the show “Rothen ignites”, this monday on RMC, to evoke the crisis at AS Saint-Etienne, Jean-Michel Larqué firmly pointed out the behavior and the level of the Foréziens players, very disappointing since the start of the campaign. While Claude Puel prepares to take the door, Captain Larqué believes that it is not a problem of the coach. “Whether it is Dupraz, Tartempion or Latuile who arrives, if they (the players) do not realize the danger… They are made to be professional footballers like me to be a dancer at the opera. (…) Those who can save the day are the good players. And there is none today. I see guys who don’t know how to pass at 15 meters, who don’t know how to find the space, not to make a control… You have to be clear-headed: they don’t have the level. “

“Disconnected from reality”

“When I went to Saint-Etienne for the inauguration of the Robert-Herbin training center, it had been 7 or 8 games that they had not won. But young and old, they didn’t care, he recalls. They didn’t give a damn. I did not see people concerned. Me, I have a temperament to be anxious, when things are going well I think of the worst. But they were in the worst part, and they thought they were champions of France. “

“I end with a figure: 41 pro contracts in Saint-Etienne, still the former star of the Greens. There are 41 professional contracts and there are between 15 and 20 who will never see Geoffroy-Guichard’s lawn because instead of shoes, they have clogs. How can you have 41 pro contracts? “

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