Barça: Ronald Koeman smiles again after 0-3

Ronald Koeman (coach of FC Barcelona, 3-0 winner of Ferencvaros on Wednesday, speaking to Movistar): “We played well, we won five out of five matches, playing good football and scoring a lot of goals. I hope we can continue this series in the Championship.

“I liked the debauchery of the players, they made a great first period. There is enough talent in our attack and I hope that all of them will follow the way shown by these three (Griezmann, Dembélé and Braithwaite). We saw that we have a very good team, we were able to spare several players, but those who play prove that we have know-how. »

R. Koeman – “Dembélé, a great player”

Ousmane Dembélé (23, 4 games and 3 goals in LdC this season) scored a goal and an assist in FC Barcelona’s 3-0 victory over Ferencvaros on Wednesday in the Champions League, and was full of confidence. The French winger also received compliments from his coach Ronald Koeman after the match.

“Dembélé is a great player. He has a lot of qualities, face to face, he is fast, he is efficient and comfortable with both feet. The most important thing is that he is very good physically. He works well. We know that there are a lot of offensive players and it is difficult for the coach to decide who is going to play when players like Dembélé play at this level”, said the Barcelona coach.

These are words that will do a lot of good for the Tricolor international, who has been little spared from injuries since arriving in Catalonia in 2017.

FC Barcelona: Antoine Griezmann is smiling again

Scorer yesterday against the Hungarians of Ferencváros (3-0), the Frenchman seems to have regained some efficiency. Much to the delight of Ronald Koeman.

Since he signed for FC Barcelona, Antoine Griezmann has had to eat his black bread. Greeted warmly by the butted locker room, the French international (86 caps, 33 goals) then had to manage a repositioning on the side and a very mediocre performance that resulted. It’s simple, with 9 goals scored in La Liga last season, the Mâcon native hadn’t had a worse season in terms of statistics since 2011/2012 (7 goals).

Added to that was the soap opera about his supposed relationship with Lionel Messi. Numerous rumours have circulated about this and several speakers claiming to be from the Griezmann clan even took the floor to reproach the unfriendly behaviour of the Argentinian. Enough to force the 2018 world champion to come out of his silence on 24 November during a programme presented by the former Merengue, Jorge Valdano.

Griezmann is doing better since his tune-up

“I told Leo that I would talk (to the press), even if I don’t like it, to clarify things. I need a little help from everyone, from the fans, from the club. The help of my teammates, I already have it. The fans and the media are more difficult. In the dressing room, everything is great. Let them leave me alone, we’re working.”

And since this development, Griezmann has finally regained his efficiency with three goals scored in Barça’s last three matches. The end of a dearth that inevitably caused Ronald Koeman to react. “Valdano must come more often! (laughs). It’s all about confidence. Griezmann has always worked hard to improve his game and his efficiency. Now the goals are coming he is confident because he has quality. I hope that this good pass will continue. “And it’s not Griezmann who will say the opposite.

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