Bayern Munich locker room fed up with Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski’s contractual situation is one of the soap operas at the start of the 2022 transfer window. With only one year left at Bayern Munich, the Polish star wants to leave Germany at all costs to join FC Barcelona. . Problem, the Bavarian leaders are not at all ready to let him go and continue to explain that Lewandowski will go to the end of his contract. Which does not at all please the player who multiplies the media outings to put pressure on his club.

According to information from the British media The Athletic, Lewandowski’s attitude annoys the Bayern Munich locker room more and more. His departure has been on everyone’s lips at the club for a few weeks and many are tired of the posture that RL9 takes publicly. And some players wouldn’t be particularly happy to play with him again, because they think he is sometimes too selfish on the pitch. Great atmosphere…

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