Ben Arfa at OM, the terrible revelations of Mamadou Niang!


Idol of OM during his time at the Vélodrome, Mamadou Niang knew Hatem Ben Arfa. He has a very contrasting memory of it.

At the height of his 35 years, Hatem Ben Arfa has not yet hung up his crampons. The most whimsical dribbler in French football will leave the image of an artist sometimes misunderstood. Mamadou Niang, who experienced the phenomenon for two years at Olympique de Marseille, had strong words when referring to the former French international.

“His entourage put shit in his brain”

Called to speak on Hatem Ben Arfa, Niang regretted the inconstancy of the talented left-hander. ” His entourage, I don’t know what he put in his brain, but he had to put shit on him. I was talking to him, he didn’t want to know anything. In his brain there was something that jumped, in matches, he played when he wanted, explained Mamadou Niang in remarks granted to the media 90football.

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“Everyone expected to see him at the same level as Karim Benzema, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo”

Niang assures him: Ben Arfa should have been familiar with the summits. ” It’s everyone’s biggest regret, everyone expected to see him on the same level as Karim Benzema, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. In the end, we got nothing out of Hatem and look at the career he had, he lamented. Hatem in training, it was a pleasure, a joy to see him play. He used to do these things to you. When he felt like it, he was unstoppable, he made you win a game on his own. But when he doesn’t feel like it, you can’t get anything out of him…”

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