Benzema replaced this summer because of his injuries?



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With age, and despite a perfect knowledge of his body and a careful interview, the body of Karim Benzema (35) inevitably begins to show signs of old age. After reaching the heights by winning the Ballon d’Or in October, the Real Madrid striker suffered a setback with several injuries, notably preventing him from participating in the World Cup with the France team. If he continues to perform as soon as he is on the pitch, like this week by scoring the only goal of the match against Liverpool in the Champions League, this series of small physical glitch would start to worry behind the scenes of the club.

Madrid think about Kane

At least that’s what the newspaper thinks. brand. A situation that would push club leaders to think about recruiting a potential replacement, starting this summer. And that’s good, because as revealed by the DailyMirror, the Merengue would have entered the race for a certain … Harry Kane, the Tottenham striker already very courted on the other side of the Channel. The White House has already taken information on the captain of the English selection in the past, without taking action. The player sees his contract come to an end in June, so it is logical that he is a very courted man this summer if no agreement is reached at this time with his management. In the meantime, Manchester United has also made him its priority, but Daniel Levy, the president of Tottenham, has proven more than once in the past that he is uncompromising. What imagine a long soap opera.

To sum up

Real Madrid are joining the race for a great England striker to replace Karim Benzema. The Merengue wonder about his repeated injuries and could try to recruit Hary Kane, the captain of Tottenham.

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