Brignardello advises players to be patient with Tudor


Gianni Brignardello, physical trainer who collaborated with Igor Tudor at Udinese and Verona, gave his opinion on his work. The Italian advises OM players to wait a bit before judging his methods.

Asked by La Provence, Gianni Brignardello confided the good he thought of Igor Tudor: “In Verona, he did a great job and obtained an excellent result, while imposing a new preparation by arriving when the championship had already started. From a physical point of view, we had a team that played at high intensity and ran a lot. Preparation is fundamental for him. You have to put up with that when you’re a player, he introduces it to develop his idea of ​​the game, modern, frenetic, international football. At the global level we tend towards this direction, and we play this football in several European countries.he confided to the Marseille daily.

“They have not yet seen what it will give during the season”

The physical trainer considers that the Phocaeans will not regret their preparation in the coming months: “It’s not possible to do everything at high intensity, but that’s his goal, the meaning of his method. There is obviously a link between his system (in 3-4-2-1 or 3-4-1-2) and this high intensity during the pre-season. You have to have the legs to set a high pace, all the players have to be ready for that. It costs the summer, but the results come later, it has been demonstrated. It’s normal for players to be hurting right now, but they’ll get over it very quickly. Honestly, I’m not surprised that the OM players are complaining, but it’s only because they haven’t yet seen what it will be like during the season.”he added.

Igor Tudor has rightly been criticized by some journalists from La Provence in recent days. However, it seems much too early to judge his method.

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