Camavinga loves his new pectorals and reveals the name of his “big brother” from the locker room


In an interview given to France SoccerEduardo Camavinga notably returned to his first season at Real Madrid, his special relationship with David Alaba and his development.

Transferred last summer to the Spanish capital from Stade Rennais against a check for more than 30 million euros (excluding bonuses), the French midfielder spoke about his progress in recent months. “Does it transform you, eight months at Real? Yeah, when I see myself shirtless in videos, I realize that I took. Ah, it’s the biggest club in the world, huh! It’s not nothing. Everything goes faster in the field, in your development, everywhere… But it’s like all jobs, in fact: if you’re in a great environment and what’s more, you feel at home there, you evolve rapidly”said the international tricolor.

Camavinga then praised his teammate David Alaba, who arrived a few weeks before him at Real Madrid. The Austrian international plays a real big brother role according to the former Rennais. “He’s a nice guy, as they say. More seriously, it’s someone who talks to you and helps you a lot. We have a very good relationship. But I can tell you that if I do something wrong, he’s going to let me know that firmly.” he continued.

The latter then returned to his adolescence and his style of play which has evolved over the years. “Before, I was a guy who had too much pressure! Especially when I was younger, around 12 or 13 years old. But, from the moment you begin to understand what you can and must do on the pitch, it turns into something else. After this awareness, whether you play at Real Madrid or elsewhere, it’s always on the ball. No matter the club, the stadium (…) The game without the ball is revealing. Before, I never defended. But then, once in Rennes, I started defending like crazy. I was only punching! I had become another player (…) Between marking and having marked, I will always choose the second option. I’m not saying that to pretend. It’s as important as scoring. The penultimate passes are the same”, released the merengue midfielder whose name has been circulating in the corridors of Old Trafford for a few days.

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