Cissé has not forgiven Valbuena!


Djibril Cissé is still angry with Mathieu Valbuena for having implicated him in the sextape affair.

His name was mentioned in the sextape case when it broke, Djibril Cissé could very well have found himself on the dock in the trial which opened on Wednesday. But, the investigators did their job well and showed that the former Auxerre was not at all involved in the blackmail of which Mathieu Valbuena was the victim.

“Valbuena could have warned me”

Cisse is relieved to have been whitewashed, but he wished he hadn’t been dragged in the mud at all. And, above all, he would have liked Valbuena to be honest and transparent with him, in the same way he had known how to be with him. “On a few points, I blame him yes, he said on the channel L’Equipe on Thursday. Me, I take the time to warn myself of what is happening and I expected the same from him ”. The ex-international striker refers to the time he was woken up at his home at dawn by a police search: “Pick me up at 5am as if I were the biggest bandit… He could have prevent and we would have arranged between lawyers. “

In addition, Cissé also reacted to the attacks of which he was the target on the part of Zouaoui, one of the accused, since the beginning of the hearing. “He insinuates that I am a pedophile, he will take a complaint… What he says is very serious. In addition, he says that I would have assembled a group of bandits to harm my ex-wife, the mother of my children. But where are we there… ”he lost his temper.

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