David Silva sentenced for violence against a woman!


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For two seasons, David Silva has decided to take up a new challenge after his long stint at Manchester City. On the side of Real Sociedad, the now 36-year-old Spanish midfielder did not take long to establish himself as an important pawn in the midfield. Discreet but effective, David Silva has nevertheless been talked about for the wrong reason in recent hours.

A woman thrown to the ground and injured

In fact, the media Tiemp de Canarias, relayed by MARCA, reveals that David Silva has been sentenced by the Spanish courts to pay a fine of 1080 euros. In question, a fight during a carnival in Maspalomas, in the Canary Islands, in the company of his brother. Problem, David Silva would have on this occasion assaulted a woman by pulling her strongly by the arm to push her away, causing her to fall to the ground. The woman in question suffered several superficial injuries which led to the sanction against the Spanish midfielder, who did not have a trial since he admitted the facts.

to summarize

David Silva, the Real Sociedad midfielder who made the heyday of Manchester City, finds himself in a strange affair… The Spanish midfielder has just been sentenced for a fight in Spain.

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