Did Le Graët really say that?

After 12 years at the head of the French Football Federation, Noël Le Graët, in the midst of controversy, was put aside after a Comex meeting on Wednesday. It is therefore the ideal time to return to the controversies around the 81-year-old Breton, before the revelations of the audit of the Ministry of Sports, which will seal the future of the former president of EA Guingamp.

Noel Le Graet

#1. Which great former French player Noël Le Graët has “nothing to shake” from the future, according to a controversial statement dating from 2023?

Asked about RMCNoël Le Graët affirmed that he had none “nothing to shake” that Zinédine Zidane becomes coach of Brazil. Affirming that he never considered replacing Didier Deschamps at the head of the Blues, the Breton even indicated that he would not have “didn’t even pick up the phone” the ex-coach of Real Madrid if the latter had wanted to call him to plead his case, causing a controversy. Noël Le Graët has since apologized for his remarks.

#2. During the Le Graët-Zinédine Zidane Christmas controversy, which player of the Blues replied to the president of the FFF with these words, on Twitter: “Zidane is France, we are not disrespecting the legend like that … ”

For the moment, Kylian Mbappé is the only player of the French team still active to have responded to Noël Le Graët. Brave, Kylian!

#3. In 2022, what did Noël Le Graët say he couldn’t write following testimonies of harassment?

It’s certain RMC that Noël Le Graët had made this declaration, in November 2022: “I don’t even know how to write them. There are no text messages from me”. The president of the FFF is however accused, in an investigation of SoFootof having sent text messages of a sexual nature to former employees of the Federation.

#4. During which World Cup Noël Le Graët boasted of having fought so that the One Love inclusive armband was not worn by the players?

Great support from FIFA and its president Gianni Infantino, opposed to this armband, Noël Le Graët had declared: “I was one of the leaders for not having that armband. Three or four countries, still from Western Europe, wanted it. Besides, they are no longer in the running for the most part”. Because of an inclusive armband, Christmas?

#5. What serious phenomenon, having affected Kylian Mbappé after Euro 2021 in particular, “does not exist or hardly exists” in football according to a statement from 2020 by Noël Le Graët?

Noël Le Graët spoke in 2020, after a stormy meeting between PSG and OM, where Neymar accused the Spaniard Alvaro Gonzalez of racist remarks. The president of the FFF had preferred to minimize the problem.

#6. At the start of 2023, which players’ agent denounced the inappropriate behavior of Noël Le Graët, saying that the Breton only saw her “as two breasts and an ass”?

In the newspaper The Teamagent Sonia Souid notably revealed that Noël Le Graët had told her that if they were “closer”his “ideas would come to fruition”. Sonia Souid, “disappointed” by its president, reproached the latter for his failure to set an example on several occasions.

#7. In 2022, according to Noël Le Graët, what will be needed to solve the “not insoluble” problem according to him of the disastrous living conditions of the subcontractors of the Hôtel des Bleus during the World Cup in Qatar?

After the holding of these lunar remarks, pinned down by the Minister of Sports in particular, the FFF and Noël Le Graët had reacted, by dispensing with the services of the security company accused by the report broadcast on France 2.

#8. In 2021, a music clip accompanying the revelation of the list of Blues for the Euro is published on the FFF website. Because of a controversy related to the music, Noël Le Graët decides to dissociate himself from the operation by accusing in particular the “young employees of the sales department” who would have had the idea. But which rapper is the author of the controversial piece?

In The ParisianNoël Le Graët had regretted such an operation, indicating that the list should have been disclosed “as usual, no communication”. It was however not bad this piece of Youssoupha, right?

#9. In 2016, what major sporting event Noël Le Graët said he had “nothing to give a damn about”, according to Le Parisien?

The Parisian revealed that Noël Le Graët would have made this statement to justify his refusal to support the candidacy of Frenchman Jérôme Champagne for the presidency of FIFA. With a French president at the head of the international football body, Paris’ bid for the 2024 Olympics would have had more weight… In the end, even without the support of the FFF and Noël Le Graët, the capital still recovered the 2024 Olympics.

#10. In 2021, what did Noël Le Graët say about the problems within the French women’s team between Corinne Deacon and certain players: “They can ___”?

Noël Le Graët had assured that the problems within the Blue did not matter, as long as the team won. The Minister of Sports at the time, Elisabeth Moreno, was shocked by the formula used (“pulling one’s hair”) and had denounced Twitter “ordinary sexism” of the president of the FFF.


You know almost everything about the controversies surrounding Noël Le Graët since the beginning of his presidency at the FFF. And this is not an easy task compared, unfortunately, to their number! Congratulation !

Noel Le Graet

Noël Le Graët has been involved in too many controversies since the start of his tenure at the FFF in 2011 for you to follow everything. We understand you! From now on, with Noël Le Graët dismissed from the FFF, there will be less, hopefully…

Noel Le Graet

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