Fabio Paratici failed Paulo Fonseca because he was too offensive


Appointed General Manager of Tottenham Football on June 12, former Juventus strongman Fabio Paratici’s primary mission was to track down a coach to replace José Mourinho. While it seemed understood that Paulo Fonseca was going to join the bench of Spurs (Mourinho was doing the opposite way by taking the reins of AS Roma), it was finally Nuno Espirito Santo, and after long weeks of negotiations, who was nominated for two seasons, June 30. The reason for this turnaround? Asked by The Telegraph SportPaulo Fonseca – currently free – revealed he was very close to joining Spurs and even started preparing for Tottenham’s pre-season, before his transfer failed due to demands from Fabio Paratici, who wanted a less offensive coach.

“The deal was done. We were planning the preseason and Tottenham wanted an attacking coach. It was not announced but we had planned to recruit players for the preseason. But things changed when the new general manager arrived and we didn’t agree on some ideas and he preferred another coach ”the 48-year-old technician from Kiev said before continuing. “I have a few principles. I wanted to coach great teams but I want the right project and a club where people believe in my ideas, my way of playing, and that did not happen with the general manager of Spurs (…) the president and the sports director had asked me to build a team that can play attractive and attacking football and I was ready for it. I cannot deny myself. All my teams will have these intentions. In Rome or Shakhtar, in the Champions League, against the biggest teams, I will not send my teams to defend near their own surface ”. What is called staying true to its principles.

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