FC Barcelona-Mercato : Messi’s decisive call for Lautaro Martinez

Lionel Messi advocates Lautaro Martinez’s arrival at FC Barcelona

Under contract until June 2023, Lautaro Martinez was reluctant to leave Inter Milan to join FC Barcelona, eager to recruit him this summer. But a phone call from Lionel Messi could tip the balance in the Catalans’ favour.

It’s confirmed, Lionel Messi is pushing for the arrival of Lautaro Martinez.

Will Lautaro Martinez wear the Inter Milan jersey next season? That’s the question that will undoubtedly be on the agenda for the next summer mercato. The Argentinian international has enjoyed a fine season in Serie A, scoring 11 goals in 22 games, and has been the focus of much interest at Barcelona. The Catalan club would have made him their number one target for the next summer mercato.


Indeed, Lionel Messi has decided to put his foot down in the current negotiations for the probable transfer of Lautaro Martinez. The Barça star called his compatriot to convince him to join Catalonia. The former Inter Milan striker’s former advisor revealed this in an interview with Spor

Coach Adrian Ruben Fernandez, who played a big part in Lautaro Martinez’s emergence at Racing Club in Argentina, said: “Messi called him and wants him at his side soon, I have no doubt about that. So they almost define how his signature works. I know that everything will go very well for him in Barcelona.

Lautaro Martinez, the worthy successor to Luis Suarez?

For him, Lautaro Martinez presents the ideal profile to play for the Catalan national team and succeed Luis Suarez, whose age is advanced (33). “Lautaro will be an excellent replacement for Luis Suarez.

He’s his ideal heir, he has barbaric conditions and thanks to Barça he’ll continue to grow as a footballer and a man,” explained Adrian Ruben Fernandez.

It remains to be seen how far Barcelona are willing to go to recruit the 22-year-old. Inter Milan remain uncompromising in their negotiations, and are reportedly asking for no less than, 111 million euros for his transfer.

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