FIFA introduces a big novelty for players

This is a novelty that should delight some players. FIFA announced this Friday, through a communicated, that all football players participating in the 2022 World Cup, from November 20 to December 18, will have access to the FIFA Player App. They will be able to consult their individual data, “advanced football data, physical performance and football intelligence”directly after the matches.

Players will be able, for example, to know, “on positional heatmaps […] the distance traveled at different speed thresholds, the number of runs above 25 km/h and the maximum speed recorded. » The governing body of world football has specified that this novelty is part of the “to harness technology to improve football”. The FIFA Player App had been tested with several teams at the time of the Arab Cup 2021 and had been presented to the teams qualified for the World Cup 2022 during the recent team seminar in Doha.

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