France team: Deschamps, clash… Spain is hallucinating after Benzema’s retirement

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Since Monday, Karim Benzema is a young retiree in the France team. At 35, the Real Madrid striker will no longer wear the tricolor jersey. A decision, which comes after a dispute with Didier Deschamps in Qatar. And the technician was tackled by the Spanish press, who held him responsible for this departure.

Called at the last Euro, Karim Benzema wanted to participate in the last world Cup of his career, he who had missed that of 2018. The BAll d’Or 2022 was summoned by Didier Deschamps and went to Qatar. But a few days before the entry into the running of the Blues, Benzema injured his left thigh. He felt he could recover Qatar and return before the end of the competition. But on the side of Deschamps’ staff, he was left with no choice. Benzema was forced to join Madrid and to leave his partners.

The Spanish press supports Benzema

This case Benzema has been widely commented on in Spain. According to the dailyn El Confidential, The fields is the first culprit. ” In Qatar, Didier Deschamps got rid of him at the first opportunity. […] If there’s anything that’s clear, it’s that Benzema isn’t a problem person. Nor a liar. […] His history with France is obscure and he felt like a plague victim. Scorned by the French Federation, the coach, the polls in the media which did not forgive him and even the politicians » can we read.

“Deschamps’ arrogance pushed him out of the Qatari spotlight”

Journalist for As, Tomás Roncero holds a similar speech. ” After Deschamps’ unacceptable disinterest in him, Karim opted to turn off ‘World Cup mode’ and focus on giving his all, and what he has left to offer on the pitch, for this club. who admires him, this locker room which respects him and this public which needs him like water under the bridges. Karim, 35, has the opportunity to leave a final legacy to prove that his Ballon d’Or was not the result of a one-off streak. Karim is very much Karim and only Deschamps’ arrogance pushed him out of the Qatari spotlight he confided.

“There are not too many tears for Benzema”.

A few hours after the final lost by the Blues facing theArgentina, Benzema retired internationally. And some are surprised at the lack of reaction in the French media. “I have reviewed the press in France and there are not too many tears for Benzema. They remember his career, they speak well of Benzema but there was more sadness in Spain because Busquets is retiring. At RMC they say we need to know what happened in Qatar. As a player who played so hard for the Ballon d’Or Madrid, he could never express himself well in the France team » confides for example Anton Meanajournalist for the Padlock Ser. In this affair, the Spanish press seems to have taken a position in favor of Benzema.

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