France team: Deschamps explains his revolution with Griezmann


In order to give a second youth to an Antoine Griezmann who was in difficulty with the Blues, Didier Deschamps made the choice to replace him in midfield for the World Cup. This choice is very convincing because the 2018 world champion is performing well. For Didier Deschamps, it was obvious.

Antoine Griezmann has literally been transformed since the start of the Global. Repositioned in midfield, he takes advantage of the grinta instilled in him Diego Simeone at theAtletico de Madrid to scramble on the lawn and recover precious balloons. His burst of energy is impressive: he is the second tricolor to have run the most since the start of the competition behind Adrien Rabiot. Didier Deschamps understood it well.

“For him to be the best and the most useful, it is not by being in front”

The benefits ofAntoine Griezmann since the start of the World Cup have not gone unnoticed. Didier Deschamps is regularly questioned about his decision to replace him. He explained himself at the microphone of Telefoot this Sunday morning. ” For him to be the best and the most useful, it is not by being in front, but by having solutions in front of him. When he has the ball, I’m not going to tell him what to do. It is his merit and his intelligence too. Everything he could do without the ball, it brings consistency ” detailed the coach of the Blues. In the locker room, we also validate this revolution.

“Honestly, it’s incredible”

The teammates ofAntoine Griezmann are impressed with his new role. William Saliba is full of praise for him. ” To see him like that, even in ‘8’, to see him with this level, frankly it’s incredible. He defends, he attacks. Unbelievable ” ignited the former defender of OM on Telefoot. Antoine Griezmann is now unanimous, he who had long been criticized because of his poor performance.

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