France team: Mbappé, Argentina … The clash continues, the Di Maria clan smashes Adil Rami


During the festivities after the World Cup, Kylian Mbappé was chambered by the Argentine players. Revolted, Adil Rami insisted on defending his French compatriot. And his intervention caused a clash with the Angel Di Maria clan. And lately, it was El Fideo’s wife who reframed Adil Rami.

After his coronation in the last World Cupthe Argentinian players – led by Emiliano Martinez – have chambered Kylian Mbappe Many times. Which angered Adil Rami. Indeed, the 2018 world champion does not appreciate the attitude of the goalkeeper at all.Albiceleste. And he did not fail to let it be known. “The biggest FD* in the world of football… The most hated man. Kylian Mbappé traumatizes them so much that they celebrate the victory against our prodigy more than their World Cup”he railed on social networks.

“Angel can teach you to cry, to take care of a woman”

In the aftermath, Angel Di Maria wanted to support Emiliano Martinez against Adil Rami: “El Dibu best goalkeeper in the world, go cry elsewhere”. A message that did not go unanswered, since the defender of Troyes fired back “Are you teaching me (to cry) Angel?” ».

“Angel can teach you how to score in finals”

Whether Angel Di Maria has not yet responded to his latest release, Adil Rummy was still reframed once again. In effect, Jorgelina Cardoso insisted on putting the 37-year-old defender in his place. “Angel can teach you to cry, to treat a woman like a gentleman and to score in finals. Happy New Year Genius! »posted the wife ofAngel Di Maria on his account instagram with a winking emoticon. It remains to be seen whether Adil Rummy will return the ball to him.

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