France team: Messi, Argentina … After having chambered Mbappé, he gets knocked out


After the coronation of Argentina at the World Cup in Qatar, Emiliano Martinez attacked Kylian Mbappé. While the Albiceleste goalkeeper has chambered the star of the France team on several occasions, Mauricio Pinilla – former Chilean striker – wanted to put him in his place.

During the celebrations of theArgentina after his coronation World Cup, Emiliano Martinez did not spare Kylian Mbappé. Indeed, the guardian of theAlbiceleste chambered number 10 of Blues several times, calling for a minute’s silence to “Kylian Mbappé who is dead” and brandishing a doll bearing the likeness of the Frenchman in front of the crowd of Buenos Aires.

“Who is he to make fun of Kylian Mbappé?”

Asked about the attitude ofEmiliano Martinez against Kylian Mbappé, Mauricio Pinilla smashed it. “Who is he to make fun of Kylian Mbappé? He nailed him to the ground four times! He framed four times and scored four goals. He will surely be a global icon. From him, we will remember that he scored two penalties. If I, a goalkeeper, parade with a doll with the face of a guy who scored four goals on four shots, I don’t introduce him and I don’t hold him in my arms. I would hug him, take care of him, but not march with him.”cursed the former striker of Chile during an interview with ESPN.

“He nailed him to the ground four times”

In the aftermath, Mauricio Pinilla (38 years old) added a layer. “In addition, the guy (Mbappé) was already champion of the previous World Cup. When we were double champions of America, we didn’t walk around with pictures of Messi or anything. Who am I to make fun of Lionel Messi? Who is Dibu Martinez? Who is he to make fun of Mbappé? He will surely be a global icon.said the compatriot ofAlexis Sanchez in comments reported by RMC Sports.

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