“Germany is a championship that I really like”


Foot Mercato: after a season on loan at Besiktas, you officially joined the Turkish club this summer. What convinced you to commit to them for the long term?

Valentine Rosier: the first season went well since we finished Turkish champions that year (2020/2021). The atmosphere was crazy, there was a very good understanding between all my teammates, I made friends, they became brothers. Since we had been crowned champions and were going to play in the Champions League, the atmosphere confirmed my desire to stay. I did not necessarily have opportunities elsewhere, it spoke but nothing of contract, it was calm. And then, Besiktas is a club that took me and trusted me at one point in my career at Sporting, which made me want to sign with them.

FM: We know the passion of the Turkish supporters, a lot of your teammates say that you are funny if not crazy. Did your personality help you adapt quickly to the “madness” of the supporters?

VR: I think yes. The supporters saw it from the start, I was someone who was a joker, very comfortable and very free in what I could do. If it’s other people who do it, I’m not sure they react the same way. Afterwards, I am someone who fights for the club I play in, so they feel it too. The fans and I are a bit alike, both crazy and we do everything for the club, which means that we get along well.

FM: several of you are former French nationals wearing the Besiktas jersey, are you closer to French speakers in the locker room?

VR: I am closer to the French speakers, since we speak the same language. I speak with all my teammates, but it is certain that I have more affinities with certain people. I knew them by name but not personally before, and today they are people I really appreciate, they are my brothers: whether it’s Nkoudou (Georges-Kevin, ex-OM), Arthur Masuaku (ex-Valenciennes and West Ham), Rachid (Ghezzal, ex-OL) and Romain (Saïss, ex-Angers and Wolves), it’s a pleasure to work with them. In my first season, there was Vincent Aboubakar (ex-Lorient), Fabrice Nsakala (ex-Troyes). All these players are good guys.

FM: Unfortunately, you failed to qualify for a European Cup last season with a sixth place in the league. The main objective of this season is to find Europe?

VR: it wasn’t really the big goal of the fans, they just want to see us win the Süper Lig. To explain to you the priorities they have, they will value a championship title much more than a qualification for a European Cup, whatever it is. Their first objective is to finish first in the championship.

“There was the offer from Besiktas, I went for it”

FM: At DFCO, you played under Olivier Dall’Oglio, who was recently sacked by Montpellier. How did it make you progress?

VR: he was my first coach as a professional player, he trusted me so I learned a lot from him. He gave me advice in the game, in the state of mind. When I arrived at the very beginning in Dijon, it was really a hassle. I was like, ‘what the hell am I doing here?’ It was going too fast, whether tactically or with the ball, I was discovering the world of Ligue 1. The first year, I only played with the reserves and after six months, he started to see my evolution. I only played the last three matches, which were important because we were playing for maintenance. He made me start the following season. There were matches, especially in Monaco, where I was not good and he took me out. But then he gave me confidence and everything was better after that. He pushed me to surpass myself.

FM: It’s still a good period for you, which comes to erase the end of the last decade complicated by a big injury and a complicated move to Sporting CP. How did you manage to pull yourself out of that hole?

VR: it was a somewhat complicated period. I had times when I was sad about the situation. But I had my family and my friends who came to see me, so little by little it was getting better. Afterwards, I have a somewhat carefree side, so over time, I made do with it. Then there was the offer from Besiktas, I went for it and I did well. Despite my lack of playing time, I remained optimistic, I still had a good situation. Football was not going well, but you had to stay mentally strong, and in any case, it was going to pay off.

FM: Due to an operation, you also missed the Euro Espoirs with Les Bleuets, whose jersey you had already worn 7 times. Is it a regret not to have continued your international career with the Espoirs?

VR: I try not to have any regrets, but inevitably, it’s disappointing. If I had been well cared for from the start, I could have participated. Unfortunately, I did not have the best care. On my return from the infirmary, I repeated my footing in my first game. I had to undergo an operation and behind it was dead. I was disgusted, the Espoirs coach had called me at the time and said: ‘I’m sorry for you, I had participated in the qualifications.’ He had also encouraged me not to let go and he is a coach who also trusted me. It’s part of football, but it made me stronger.

FM: when we know the struggles of the French team to have a right side, whether by choices or injuries, do you think you have a chance of one day wearing the blue jersey with the A?

VR: have my chance? I don’t know, I don’t read the future. What is certain is that it stays in a corner of my head of course, it’s a childhood dream. My first was to become a professional footballer, my second is to represent France and wear the blue jersey with the A’s. Obviously, I’m thinking about it, but for the moment, I have to work and show what I’m worth on the pitch and I hope one day it will come. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t my dream, I still have a lot to prove and it will pay off in the future.

“I really like the Bundesliga, it would be my first choice”

FM: you have a cousin, Loreintz, who currently plays in the Portuguese first division with Estoril. Did you plan at some point in your career to play together in a club?

VR: we saw each other a few times in Portugal when I was there. It’s true that it would be cool and funny, the two Rosiers in the same team, it would make our families happy. In addition, he plays midfield, he is a very good player. He is tall and strong, nothing to do with me. Honestly, that would be nice. I know that at one time, it seems to me that Besiktas asked me for information about him, but nothing concrete. For my part, I would like and I think it is reciprocal.

FM: You know Ligue 1 quite well, where you have played more than 50 matches in just over two seasons. Have you already planned in your career to return one day to France or do you have another championship in mind?

VR: return to play in Ligue 1? I don’t know, I didn’t think about it. Germany is a championship that I really like. Inevitably, there is the Premier League where it is the top of the top. I really like the Bundesliga, it would be my first choice. It’s a big league, with big stadiums and big teams. There are many players, especially French, who manage to stand out and show what they are worth on the pitch. Afterwards, it’s colder than here (in Istanbul, editor’s note), but the life and the good mentality make this championship attract me.

FM: in relation to a possible return to Ligue 1, if you had the possibility of choosing your club in France, where would you like to play?

VR: I don’t necessarily have a favorite team in France. But I like Olympique Lyonnais, Olympique de Marseille, even if they are two rival clubs. I also like Paris Saint-Germain, but here they are in another planet. So no preference, but it could be those two (OL and OM, editor’s note).

FM: Do you see yourself finishing your career at Besiktas?

VR: why not, if I don’t have a big opportunity elsewhere. I live there very well, the club is great, just like the incredible atmosphere, the fans too. I had never really thought about it or seen things like that, but it could be an idea. Of course, I don’t know what the future holds, but Besiktas will remain a club that will always remain in my heart, that’s for sure.

“On my own, football is not really my thing”

FM: You’ve talked about this before: even if you play football, you don’t watch much outside of it. What excites you the most besides your career?

VR: I often say it: I like to play football, when I am with friends, I necessarily watch football. But myself, it’s not really my thing: I play but not really watch matches. I am a very homebody, I like to play video games, I play them often, watch movies. I really like clothes, I’m a guy who gives importance to his style. I also like to go get a tattoo. Since high school, I’ve always had this desire to get a tattoo, to be different from others, to have my own style. I really like the United States, the gangster style, tattooed everywhere and loose clothes. So it came to me little by little, and when I signed pro, I had the money, it was this American side that made me want to continue even more.

FM: At 26, you already have a pretty full career. Who are the people who have supported you throughout your journey?

VR: inevitably, my mother, who supported me from the beginning in the front row. Afterwards, there are also my grandparents, who are very present despite the distance, who watch all my matches. My friends too, I don’t have many, but they’re the ones who supported me throughout.

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