Guendouzi strangled, “he wants too much to be the boss and do the show”


Mattéo Guendouzi’s debut at Olympique de Marseille was promising, but for Daniel Riolo, things are not going in the right direction at all.

Arrived last July 6 at OM, Mattéo Guendouzi fully participated in the good start of the season for the team coached by Jorge Sampaoli. In the oven and in the mill in the Marseille interplay, the player loaned with the option to buy by Arsenal has contributed a lot to the system set up by his coach. But for some time, its performances are less convincing and make people react.

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Attentive to the evolution of the native of Poissy, Daniel Riolo spoke about the case of Guendouzi. On RMC, the journalist deplored the bad patch currently known by the middle of twenty-two years: ” There are still two or three weeks, I said, Guendouzi that was criticized a lot, I see him at the four corners of the field, generous. And there it’s been two games that I see the old one again.

Riolo lists

And Riolo to explain himself by passing Mattéo Guendouzi at the mill: ” I see the guy who wants to do too much, who gives orders to everyone, who shoots when he shouldn’t shoot, who wants to be the boss too much, who wants to show too much. Choices, like ‘I want to impose myself’. It feels like we could never change after all and nature is always catching up with you.

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