“He doesn’t care”: The big accusation against an OM player



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On loan from Arsenal last summer, Nuno Tavares first had a promising start at OM, before showing shortcomings on the defensive front in particular. A situation that casts doubt on his future, but for Franck Conte, the nonchalance of the Portuguese is clearly a problem for his future in Marseille.

Arrived last summer fromArsenal, Nuno Tavares was loaned without an option to purchaseOM and alternates the good and the less good this season. Nevertheless, he was above all distinguished by significant defensive shortcomings, as the Marseille artist points out. Franck Conte which does not spare the Portuguese.

“Tavares is a very bad defender”

The qualities of Tavares is to be offensive, to be very high. So suddenly the Tudor system suits him well from this point of view. Tavares is a very bad defender. He does not feel concerned with defensive work. At the same time, he’s not really a Marseille player either. “, he launches for Marseille Football Clubbefore continuing.

“He really is a worrying player”

In my opinion, this is the problem. And he also has no competition so frankly why do you want him to break his ass? He scored 8 goals he will finish with a season with crazy statistics for a side. Arsenal are not going to keep him. If you are Arsenal you see his matches a bit. After it is a season where he is loaned. He can also come back with other intentions. He can come back to Arsenal saying “ok I’m on to it”. At the defensive level he is really a worrying player », adds Franck Conte.

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