Hermel is worried about Ramos knee


Frédéric Hermel reported a discussion with Real Madrid employees, who do not think Sergio Ramos (35) will regain his physical level. They claim that his left knee is in very bad condition.

Sergio Ramos, PSG, Paris Saint-Germain

“I’m going to talk to you about a personal discussion with people from Real, nothing official: what they say within the club is that Ramos’ left knee, who was operated on in February, would be in much worse condition than we thought. You have to take it with a grain of salt, but what I am still told at Real is: “We did not extend it because the cartilage is affected”, which means that it goes beyond the simple meniscus to clean “, launched the journalist at the microphone of RMC.

“That’s what they tell me at Real”

He also mentions the hypothesis that Madrid’s leaders use this argument to explain that they did not offer him a new contract: “And because of his knee, there are what we call compensations. As soon as such an important part of the body is affected, we do not have the same support, not the same confidence, we do not hold each other the same, and that causes muscle injuries in different places, including the calf. That’s what they tell me at Real. After that, it could also be a way of justifying why we didn’t extend it there… ”, he added.

As a reminder, Mauricio Pochettino indicated that the Spanish defender was not very far from finding his teammates in training.

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