Herrera regrets missed opportunities against Man City


Ander Herrera gave his analysis of the defeat conceded Wednesday evening by Paris Saint-Germain on the lawn of Manchester City (1-2), as part of the 5th day of the group stage of the Champions League.

Ander Herrera, Paris Saint-Germain

Like the French central defender Presnel Kimpembe, the Spanish midfielder lamented in front of the media the frank situations missed by the club of the capital, qualified for the round of 16 and certain to finish in second place in group A even before the last one. day against the Belgians of Club Bruges.

“Manchester City are the best team in the world with the ball. We knew we were going to have to defend very well, and I think we did. I only remember one occasion against us, where Hakimi defended with the head. After that, I don’t remember seeing Keylor stop. It is true that we should have had a little more the ball. But they didn’t have a lot of chances. It’s true that we started the second half better, we scored but we made some approximations and they scored. But even after they scored, we had a very big chance to kill the game. We didn’t and when you don’t score that decisive goal against a team like Manchester City, they can crucify you. It is true that they had more the ball than us, but we knew it before the match that it was going to be difficult. Right now, they’re the best possession team in the world. But we defended very well, we had chances and we could have won the game. “

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