imminent withdrawal of the Prince of Cambodia?


Candidate declared for the takeover of AS Saint-Étienne since September 21, Norodom Ravichak, one of the many princes of Cambodia, is finally about to pass his turn according to daily information The team. Supported by Chinese investors and supported by his family, which owns a fund in Switzerland estimated at € 250 million, his candidacy was nevertheless enough to make Saint-Etienne supporters dream, but KPMG, the Anglo-Dutch audit and consulting firm in charge of Peeling through the candidacies seems to him much more resistant on this subject. And for good reason, despite the Prince’s € 100 million bank letter of guarantee, KPMG, doubting the origin of these funds, only partially provided access to the data room including all the club’s accounting data.

Faced with this reluctance displayed, the grandson of King Sihanouk is now skeptical about this operation and puts forward several arguments. First of all, the sporting situation and the worrying classification of the Greens, the red lantern of Ligue 1, but also the climate of violence currently reigning in the French championship. In addition, this non-access to all the documents concerning the accounts of the Saint-Etienne club contributes to the skepticism reigning in recent hours. So many reasons put forward that could lead to the withdrawal of Norodom Ravichak in the coming days. A situation now pushing Bernard Caïazzo, majority co-shareholder of ASSE with Roland Romeyer, to explore new avenues in the United States. From this perspective, it is the Peak6 Investments LP, headquartered in Chicago, that is currently being discussed behind the scenes. To be continued …

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