It doesn’t get better for Sergio Ramos


Spain defender Sergio Ramos is not yet ready to return to the pitch.

The weeks go by and look the same for Sergio Ramos. While we often see him at Camp des Loges on the training lawn and that PSG constantly announces it in the recovery phase, the Spanish defender is still not inclined to resume competition. His return was hoped for this Sunday and the trip to Rennes. But, as always, it was an overly optimistic forecast.

A case that questions more and more

The former Real Madrid will therefore not make the trip to Brittany, as well as the greening which is scheduled for this match because of the special schedule (12 p.m. Sunday). Which means that his first official steps with Paris can only take place, at best, after the international break in October. That’s a full three-month downtime for a player who was supposed to be out for a handful of weeks at most.

For this meeting of the 9e Ligue 1 day, Ramos will not be fit but another Spanish full-back will be back. This is Juan Bernat. After almost a year of unavailability, the former Bavarian would be completely rid of his physical worries and he is very well on the way to appear in the Ile-de-France group. A comeback which must delight his trainer Mauricio Pochettino. Suddenly, the only element to be still in the infirmary of the club is the former captain of the Merengue.

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