Jacques Cardoze reacts to the excesses that occurred in the stands


Stormy end of the match in Angers. While Gerald Baticle’s players had just drawn against Jorge Sampaoli’s men (0-0), two incidents occurred after the final whistle. First of all, it was a young man who came to see Sampaoli. Detained by the security service, he was then taken aside by the Argentinian. Nothing serious.

However, a few minutes later, the scene was less flattering. A series of firecrackers exploded and it was the entire Marseille yard that caught fire. Victims of firecrackers, the Marseille supporters managed to invade the field to fight with the Angevins, before being sent back to their stand a few minutes later. Already concerned by this type of incident during the shock against Nice, OM is definitely not varnished.

Another overflow …

Asked on the sidelines of the press conference, the communications director of the Marseille club, Jacques Cardoze, wanted to react. “It starts from the Angevin tribune with fingers of honor and firecrackers that were sent from the Angevin side. It’s a bit of a classic, silly scheme on one side and the other. It’s stupid on both sides, you don’t have to respond when provoked and no one has to provoke. I don’t want to accuse anyone ”. Cautious, Cardoze still strongly deplored the recent behavior observed in various stages of Ligue 1 where the excesses have multiplied.

“It’s a great stupidity that no one can be responsible for what is happening. We are all sanctioned. Tonight, six clubs, three fields are concerned. People have to be responsible. We have been deprived of football for 15 months and people are not smart enough to say “we are coming to see football, just football”. I feel a great sadness and a great stupidity on the part of those who can do acts like this. It’s not acceptable. There isn’t a stadium, a team … it’s a collective responsibility. We can see that there is an oil stain ». Now let’s wait to see the reaction of the League.

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