Jérôme Rothen and Mauricio Pochettino’s “serious mistake” for Lionel Messi


This Sunday, at the end of the 6th day of Ligue 1, PSG chained a new success on the wire against Olympique Lyonnais (2-1) at the Parc des Princes. If Mauro Icardi snatched the three points for his head off the bench, the premature exit of Lionel Messi (76th minute) is a lot of talk, especially in Europe. Especially since the Pulga did not want to clap the hand of his trainer, Mauricio Pochettino, when leaving the green rectangle and going to sit on the substitutes’ bench. For Jérôme Rothen, it is quite simply a big mistake on the part of the Argentinian technician, as he made it known on Monday at the microphone of his show Rothen ignites on the airwaves of RMC.

“Where I find it inappropriate for Mauricio Pochettino is in his management style. It’s never been like that, to point out the stars of the team. Whether it was Neymar or Mbappé, on the evenings when they were bad, he always left them on the pitch, he always protected them, unlike other players like Paredes, Di Maria or Icardi. Messi, as far as I know, is much superior in terms of status aura and everything you want in football, to Neymar or Mbappé. […] When you have this player in a squad, you have to manage him like the best player in the world, with all that that represents: a special status and above all to avoid misunderstandings with a top player. You can have it, but not after your first tenure at the Park. There are so many bad signs that Mauricio Pochettino made a big mistake. I don’t know what he played on the spot. I hope it was not to mark his territory, there he (would be) completely crazy. We do not cry genius. You are going to put your best player on your back. This kind of event leaves traces and the image is terrible ”, commented the former PSG player. The subject is far from closed, even if the coach of the capital club has delivered the reasons for this replacement.

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