Jesse Lingard destroys Manchester United


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Jesse Lingard empties his bag on Manchester United again. Left the club freely last summer to join promoted Nottingham Forrest, the 30-year-old spoke last December to discuss the ordeal he had experienced during his last year with the Red Devils. Guest this week in the podcast “Diary of a Ceo”the English international (32 caps, 6 goals) expressed his frustration with the management that the club has suffered since the departure of Alex Ferguson:

“There was no more control at Manchester United. When Ferguson was there, everything was under control, it was a fortress. Everything went through him: contracts, commercial transactions. (…) They are so behind on everything and have to update themselves. You see the facilities of Manchester City, the facilities of Tottenham… Over there, they are way ahead. Even on social media. I told them about YouTube and creating content in 2017 to get them up to speed. (…) Who makes the decisions ? We do not know. And now obviously they want to sell the club. You want modern stuff, but we don’t know who decides on the changes at the training center. Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in the world and needs to modernize.”he regretted.

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