Koeman and Pirlo refuse to decide between Messi and Ronaldo

While Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo could meet in Tuesday’s match between Barça and Juve, their coaches have refused to decide which of the two players is better.


Absent in the first leg because of Covid, Cristiano Ronaldo will meet Lionel Messi, his best opponent, this Tuesday evening on the sixth and final day of the group phase of the Champions League. The two players (eleven Ballons d’Or between them) have not met since 6 May 2018, in a clash (2-2) between Barça and Real Madrid, Ronaldo’s former club.

Ronald Koeman They’re different

Ronald Koeman, the coach of Barcelona FC and Messi, was asked about the rivalry between “CR7” and “Pulga”. “First of all, it is fantastic that these two players have stayed so long at this level, on the roof of the world, said Koeman on Monday. They are the two best players in the last 10-15 years, they have been performing well for all that time. They’re different, but both have incredible statistics, whether it’s individual trophies, victories… »

“I hope that we can enjoy their rivalry once again tomorrow (Tuesday) evening”.
The Dutch coach was unable to decide between them. I admire both of them, because they gave us so many great evenings with goals and hat-tricks,” he said. I hope we can enjoy their rivalry once again tomorrow (Tuesday) evening. »

Andrea Pirlo two phenomena

Andrea Pirlo, the coach of Juventus and Ronaldo, did not want to pick the best of the two either: “It would be a mistake to say that one is better than the other,” said the former Juve master. They have shared the Ballons d’Or for the last fifteen years, it would be a shame to have to choose between these two phenomena, which please millions of tifosi. We just have to thank them. »

“They have shared the Ballons d’Or for the last fifteen years, it would be a shame to have to choose between these two phenomena.

Andrea Pirlo, Juventus coach

However, Ronald Koeman is wary of the Portuguese Juve striker: “Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best: he always scores, he always fights, and thanks to his daily work, he is among the world’s elite. We will have to defend well, and above all try to hold the ball as much as possible. Because when you have the ball, there is no such thing as danger”, warned the Blaugrana coach.

Koeman also praised Messi who for him is “still very important in our attack. A lot of action starts at the foot of Leo. He is an ideal culprit when things go wrong, because he is the best in the world. But I don’t think he has made many individual mistakes lately. »

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