Leonardo Jardim’s announcement about Mbappé


The Portuguese coach shared his opinion on the progress of his former player, Kylian Mbappé, while discussing his future.

He was Kylian Mbappé’s first pro coach, but he derives no glory from it as the talent of the Bondynois was obvious from his first steps at the highest level. Leonardo Jardim is pleased all the same to have trusted this prodigy when he was in Monaco and he notes with pride that since then he has not stopped progressing. Although, in his mind, there was no doubt about it.

Interviewed by The Parisian, the Portuguese coach said he was certain from day one of Mbappé’s success. “When I start him at 16, I can’t imagine he’s going to get that strong, but I quickly realize that I’m dealing with a different player. Ahead of the others. More mature, he said. We understood that he not only had potential but also room for improvement. He kept taking steps. It continues today by expanding its register”.

Mbappé, “promised to one or more Ballons d’Or”

Jardim went on to claim that the PSG striker has probably not yet reached the top of his game: “Between 23 and 29, a player reaches full maturity. Its fullness. He hasn’t finished impressing us and winning trophies. He embodies the present and the future of football.”

Then called upon to compare him to the other great attackers who are currently shining in the world of football, the Lusitanian coach brandished a joker, while making it known that he is stronger than Erling Haaland. “I would not establish a hierarchy. But he is one of the best. He is the best of his generation, in any case. Both the most complete and the most decisive. Kylian Mbappé seems to me promised to win one or more Golden Balls in the years to come.

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