Lionel Messi’s controversial action against dynamo kiev

Although Barcelona won with difficulty against Dynamo Kiev in their third Champions League match this season (2-1), Lionel Messi probably did not seem worried by the Ukrainian team. If from the 5th minute of the game, the Pulga opened the score for the Catalan club from a penalty, the Barcelona team then had difficulties to organise themselves, especially in midfield.

Despite these difficulties, this did not prevent the Argentinean number 10, from being in favour of the slightest effort on the pitch.

In fact, the Spanish media Esports COPE, published this morning on its Twitter account, a video of the six-time Golden Ball winner, literally walking on the pitch, as a Dynamo player passes in front of him, with the ball on the last possession of the match, in the added time and the score is 2-1!!!

An amazing attitude, which is likely to create the BUZZ in Spain in the next few hours.

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