Lucas Hernandez soon imprisoned in Spain?


Lucas Hernandez (25) has been summoned by the Spanish courts, with a view to future imprisonment. He is asked to choose a penitentiary center to serve his sentence.

Lucas Hernandez, French team

The defender of Bayern Munich is expected on October 19 in Madrid, with a view to possible imprisonment. The player of the France team will have to choose a penitentiary center, in order to discharge his sentence to one year in prison dating from December 2019, for non-compliance with a restrictive order. He had indeed been sentenced, as well as his companion, to 31 days of community service and six months of removal due to an altercation, in 2017. However, he then went on his honeymoon to Miami with her, ignoring the ban on reconciliation.

The player has appealed against the execution of the sentence and his fate is now in the hands of the Provincial Court of Madrid. According to Ace, he could stay in prison for a few days, or even not go at all, depending on how long it takes for the appeal to be considered. “According to the current legal framework, in the context of criminal proceedings, as soon as the courts refuse an alternative measure to imprisonment, the convicted person is sent to prison and, if the appeal is accepted, he is released”, specifies the daily.

As a reminder, another left side of the world champion France team, Benjamin Mendy, is currently in detention in England, on charges of four rapes and one sexual assault. A request for release on bail was refused a few days ago.

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