Luis Campos wants to extend Lionel Messi before the World Cup

PSG is counting on Lionel Messi (35). And what better way to tell him than by offering him an extension? An option now being considered by all stakeholders as the Argentinian’s contract comes to an end in June 2023. He feels good, or at least much better than last season, his leaders have renewed their confidence in him and would like him to to sign a new contract as soon as possible.

As indicated The Team, the desire of Luis Campos would also be to sign him before he joins his selection for the World Cup (November 20 – December 18). For his part, the former Barcelonan would favor waiting, preferring to take the time to reflect and only decide after the competition. It is therefore a personal time trial that the PSG sports adviser has decided to lead. Will fate be in his favor? Answer in the next few weeks.

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