Manchester City and Liverpool unroll, Ilan Meslier saves Leeds, Everton already eliminated


On the occasion of the Round of 16 of the League Cup, the Premier League clubs qualified for the European Cup entered the competition on Tuesday. Among them, Manchester City, easily qualified against Wycombe (D3). Yet led to the score after 22 minutes, De Bruyne (29th), Mahrez (43rd, 84th), Foden (45th + 1), Torres (71st) and Palmer (89th) allowed the defending champion to largely reverse the score (6 -1). Also in contention, Liverpool qualified on the lawn of Norwich, the red lantern of the Premier League. After Minamino’s opener (4th), Norwich missed the equalizer on the penalty spot. Origi made the break (50th) before Minamino offered himself a double at the end of the match (3-0, 80th).

Regarding other Premier League clubs, Burnley defeated Rochdale (D4) thanks to a quadruplet from Rodriguez (4-1) and Brentford crushed Odham (D4). Forss also offered himself a quadruple, before Wissa and Diarra (CSC) allowed the Bees to win 7-0 and advance to 1 / 8th. For his part, Watford bowed on his lawn against Stoke City (3-1), resident of the 2nd division. The evening was also more complicated for Leeds United. Unable to win beyond 90 minutes, Marcelo Bielsa’s men won on penalties thanks to a parade by Ilan Meslier. Identical scenario for Southampton, who won the final session at Sheffield United (D2). On the other hand, battered by QPR (D2) for 90 minutes, Everton was also forced to go to penalties, but lost after a failed attempt by Davies.

The results of the Round of 16 of the League Cup

  • Brentford 7-0 Oldham: Forss (3rd, 16th, 44th, 60th), Wissa (38th, 87th), Diarra (CSC, 43rd)
  • Burnley 4-1 Rochdale: Rodriguez (50th, 60th, 62nd, 77th) / Beesley (47th)
  • Fulham 0-0 Leeds (5-6 TàB)
  • Manchester city 6-1 Wycombe: De Bruyne (29th), Mahrez (43rd, 84th), Foden (45th + 1), Torres (71st), Palmer (90th) / Hanlan (22nd)
  • Norwich 0-3 Liverpool : Minamino (4th, 80th), Origi (50th)
  • QPR 2-2 (8-7, TàB) Everton: Austin (18th, 34th) / Digne (30th), Townsend (47th)
  • Sheffield United 2-2 (2-4 TàB) Southampton : Stevens (8th), McBurnie (66th) / Diallo (23rd), Salisu (53rd)
  • Watford 1-3 Stoke City : Fletcher (61st) / Powell (25th), Clucas (80th), Tymon (85th)
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