Mbappé at Real Madrid, Benzema insists


Karim Benzema has once again invited his team-mate to join him at Real Madrid in the near future.

For four months, Karim Benzema has been evolving with Kylian Mbappé in selection. But, he would also like to be able to do it in a club. KB9 is fully aware of the rumors that send the Bondynois to the Bernabeu, and the prospect of finding his compatriot in the Merengue jersey enchants him to the highest point.

” It’s just a matter of time “

Benzema had already expressed himself several times on the possible arrival of the Parisian at Real, and he has just done it again in an interview with L’Équipe. “He said it himself. He wants to see something else. He will play for Real one day. I do not know when. But he will come. It’s only a matter of time, ”he thundered. A statement that has something to excite all Merengue supporters.

While making a foot call to his French teammate, Benzema also affirmed that he saw himself well last as long as possible within the prestigious Spanish team. “I take year after year, with the goal of staying on top,” he said. If you are physically good, there is also the mind. The technique, you have it. To last, you need the mind and the physique. Football, I’ve had it all the time. When you get older, repeating the efforts, doing it every three days, it goes through hygiene. At 34 in December, I feel great! “

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