Mbappé dreams of winning the World Cup but not the Ballon d’Or


Mute since the start of the 2022 World Cup, Kylian Mbappé spoke to the press after his very good match against Poland (3-1, two goals, an assist for the Parisian).

Kylian Mbappé French Team France Blues

In the preamble, Kylian Mbappé wanted to explain his silence since the start of the World Cup: “I had nothing against journalists, against people. I always need to focus on my competition, I don’t want to lose energy with other things, that’s why I didn’t show up until then. But I heard that the Federation risked a fine because of this. So I undertake to pay her personally.”

The 23-year-old striker, who is admired by his teammates, then continued on the evening match: “We are very happy to go to the quarters, it was not an easy match, we faced a difficult team, but we managed to score goals at key moments. (…) We are very happy to continue the adventure.”

Mbappe “dream” to win the World Cup

Very focused on the World Cup, the 23-year-old Frenchman, world champion in 2018, said he was only concerned with one goal: “It’s the competition of my dreams, I built my season on this competition, I prepared myself physically, mentally. But we are still far from the goal we have set, which I have set myself, which is to win.

In view of his performance, with PSG as with the Blues during this World Cup (4 games, 5 goals, 2 assists), Kylian Mbappé is in the race for the next Ballon d’Or. But the Parisian says he does not think about it: “To be honest, no, the only objective is to win the World Cup, it’s my dream, it’s my only dream, that’s why I came here. Now if I win (the Ballon d’Or) of course I will be happy.”

Kylian Mbappé will be able to get closer to his goal, the World Cup, next Saturday, during France’s quarter-final against England.

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