Mbappé, Le Graët’s warning


A few weeks after Kylian Mbappé refused to participate in commercial transactions with the Blues, Noël Le Graët made things clear.

On March 22, there was water in the gas near Clairefontaine. Present with the rest of the France team, Kylian Mbappé refused to comply with the demands of a morning then devoted to various commercial operations. Warned of the turn of events, the president of the French Football Federation, Noël Le Graët, tried to resonate with the PSG player. In vain. If he preferred to let it go at first, the tricolor football boss does not seem inclined to let go so easily.

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In an interview given to The Team, the octogenarian returned to the subject and his speech was intended to be a little more direct, in particular with regard to the financial aspect. For Noël Le Graët it is clear, if Kylian Mbappé persists, he will not receive what he should recover from FIFA for this type of sponsorship operation. ” I will soon meet his lawyer to discuss“, said the leader. ” If he doesn’t accept the operation, he won’t have any money, that’s all. Players get 30% of what FIFA gives. »

“I don’t play fake ass”

According to Noël Le Graët, Kylian Mbappé is an isolated case among the Blues. ” In this case, what makes me happy is that I brought together the other players (…) to find out what they thought. […] Hugo Lloris, on behalf of my friends, came to see me to tell me: ‘Would not change a thing. There must be perfect equality of premiums between the players’. »

The boss of the FFF is therefore calm and ready to start talks with the Mbappé clan. If he assured that he had confidence in the state of mind of the tricolor attacker, he still sent him a small spade as a conclusion. ” I repeat, what reassures me is the general attitude of the players. And Kylian, honestly, I don’t play fake ass, I really like him. I think he respects the Fed. Football is not an individual sport. »

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