Mercato: A disaster avoided by OM


To everyone’s surprise, Luis Suarez joined OM during the last summer transfer window against a check for €10m. Despite a convincing start, the Colombian striker did not show himself at the level and forced his management to part with him. Suarez joined Almeria on loan with an option to buy and Pablo Longoria limited the breakage well.

The love story betweenOM and Luis Suarez will have run out. For his debut against Reims, he distinguished himself by scoring a double. Thus, the Marseille supporters began to dream and think of having the striker they have been looking for for so long. The sequel will have been catastrophic. Extremely disappointing Champions League, suarez demoted in the hierarchy set up by Igor Tudor and pushed OM to get rid of it. Recruited for 10M€ last summer, OM avoided the worst.

OM should recover €8m

It’s now official, Luis Suarez is a playerAlmería for the next 6 months. In effect, OM and the Andalusian club have concluded an agreement which takes the form of a loan with an option to buy which should be around €8m. In view of the last performances of the Colombian, the breakage was limited. It’s almost unexpected to see a club align such a substantial sum. For OM, the essentials are assured and the Marseille club should only lose €2m out of the 10 invested. A great way to catch up on a failed transfer.

“Thank you very much for everything”

Before leaving Marseilles, Luis Suarez wanted to send a little message on his account instagram. ” We are entering a new stage and it is time to take on new challenges. During these months I had the opportunity to play in one of the biggest leagues and make my debut in the Champions League, experiences and learning that I will never forget. I would like to thank all these people and all my teammates for the support and trust they have given me during these months. thank you very much for everything he wrote. The suitcases are made for the Colombian who has been authorized by OM to join his new club even before the opening of the winter transfer window.

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