Mercato – Barça: a Presidential Candidate answers on Messi and Neymar

In a statement that was clearly at odds with the words of his rival Joan Laporta, who is very confident about an extension of the Argentinian striker’s time, the 56-year-old was far less optimistic about “La Pulga”, in an interview with ESPN. “The truth is that I’m not very optimistic, but the continuity of Messi would be the best news. In the current state of the club, I understand that it is very important for Leo to stay at Barça, but you have to understand that the next two years are going to be difficult. He’s been here for 20 years, he’s a convinced butt and I think he’s sensitive to the situation of the club”.

Agusti Benedito very confident about the future

Agusti Benedito also spoke about the possibility of a return of Neymar, the Brazilian striker from Paris Saint-Germain. According to him, a transfer of the 28-year-old footballer, under contract until June 2022, is not conceivable. “We have to speak clearly and not let ourselves be carried away only by the heart. We won’t be able to bring Neymar, it’s impossible (…) When he’s good, he’s phenomenal, but to think of a return seems out of place”.

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