Mercato: Campos shared between PSG and Celta Vigo, a big announcement is released


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Campos shared between PSG and Celta, an announcement is released

Posted on September 22, 2022 at 11:30 p.m. by Thibault Morlain

Luis Campos multiplies the missions. Indeed, if the Portuguese was appointed sports adviser to PSG during the summer, before that, he had also signed up with Celta Vigo for the same missions. So here it is now shared between France and Spain. A complicated task for Luis Campos? In Galicia, Carlos Mourino, president of Celta, gave an update on the issue.

To launch his brand new project, the PSG decided to trust Luis Campos. Passed by the LOSC or even theAS Monacothe Portuguese has thus found a new challenge in Ligue 1. Leonardo thanked, Fields arrived at the head of the sportsman of the capital club, as a sports adviser. It was thus he who was in charge of the last summer transfer window in PSG. But this summer Luis Campos did not only have Parisian affairs to manage. Indeed, in addition, the Portuguese is also an employee of the Celta Vigo, where he serves as an external advisor. And so it was he too who was in charge of recruitment within the Galician club.

“Now he will be able to project himself more easily”

So now Luis Campos is torn between the Celta Vigo and the PSG. Inevitably, the Portuguese will pay more attention to the capital club given the scale of the project. However, he will not forget the Spanish club. Moreover, the president of Celta Vigo count on Luis Campos although he also works for the PSG. Indeed for AS, carlos mourino told : ” Does Campos still have time for Celta? I think so. His work has been very complicated during these three months, because it is very difficult to form two teams in such a short time, but I think that now he will be able to project himself more easily. He always says he is not a technical secretary, but rather an architect of teams “.

“He can do valuable work”

He says that to put his puzzle together he has to get into the heart of the club, find out how the fans think, what style of play the fans like, what the manager wants. He gets involved in everything and then he designs. This year he didn’t have that experience, but now he has a whole year to plan. He can do valuable work “, then added the president of the Celta Vigo.

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