Mercato Mercato – OM: After Suarez, he is getting closer to leaving OM


Arrived at OM from Le Havre during the last summer transfer window, Isaak Touré has played very little with Igor Tudor since the start of the season. What then to ask the question of the future of the promising central defender as the winter transfer window approaches. And now the departure of Touré is confirmed more than ever for January.

While Luis Suarez has already left theOM, other departures should take place among the Phocaeans during the winter transfer window. But who will leave the workforceIgor Tudor ? In recent hours, all eyes are on Isaac Tourearrived this summer from Haven. While he plays littleOMhe could go and try his luck elsewhere.

A loan to Auxerre

So this Wednesday France Blue confirmed the trend regarding the possible future departure ofIsaac Toure. And it’s up toAuxerre as the playerOM could put his bags down on a loan until the end of the season.

Current discussions

At 19 years old, Isaac Toure would then have the opportunity to have more playing time at theAJA. According to information from France Bluediscussions are said to be underway between the various parties in order to settle this operation, which therefore seems to be well under way.

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