Mercato Mercato – OM: The huge imbroglio on the Gerson case


New twist in the soap opera Gerson. This Wednesday, the OM player was expected to resume training. Finally, the Brazilian was not there. An absence that necessarily made a lot of talk and many versions have been made to explain this. But these explanations diverge regarding the reason for Gerson’s absence.

Finally, the transfer of Gerson at Flamengo fell through and this Wednesday, revealed the reasons for this failure. Following this, the Brazilian therefore had to return to theOM and he was expected this Wednesday for the resumption of training for the group ofIgor Tudor. The fact is that as revealed by Provence, Gerson was absent. Something to add a little more fuel to the fire about the case of the midfielder, who has lived through the last complicated months at theOM.

Gerson doesn’t want to come back anymore?

But why Gerson was he absent this Wednesday for the resumption ofOM ? On the side of Brazil, the journalist Julio Miguel Neto dropped a big announcement, assuring the midfielder simply didn’t want to return to theOM.

He’s being held up in Rio?

On his side, SportMed TV however, gives another different version to explain this lack of Gerson. So the playerOM would have been retained in Rio for serious personal problems. In this situation, he would then have warned his club that he could only be there on December 4. Informed of this delay, theOM however, would not have given any waiver to Gerson.

Besides, theOM would be preparing to crack down following this delay in Gerson and his absence at the resumption of training. Indeed, as explained by Provence, the Marseille management would have decided to financially sanction their player. To see now if this could also have repercussions on the future of Gerson. If he finally saw his transfer to Flamengo fail, anything is possible for the month of January.

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